Public Relations Strategies Houston – Most businesses are finding that they have to adjust and adapt to the new social distancing rules that we all have to face. Even though it isn’t the easiest thing to do there are some fun ways in which you can stay in touch with your customers. Maintaining the all-important social distancing measures is paramount these days.

Things are different and there is no doubt in that, so adapting and changing to the new way of working will help you stand out as a positive and forward-thinking business. Brand communication and public relations are essential in your business. Staying in touch with clients and customers is something all businesses need to take into consideration. Businesses in Houston are going to be considering new ways in which they can keep in touch with their local customers. Hence, the public relations industry is going to change drastically over the coming months. So, here are five fun ways Houston brands can communicate with customers during social distancing.

Public Relations Strategies and Ideas

Social media humor
Even though the circumstances that bring social distancing to the forefront and funny at all, some of the side-effects of us having to keep our distance can be entertaining. You can share a laughter about it! After all, laughter is the best medicine. So sharing a common frustration, or amusing side-effect online can keep you in your customer’s minds and bring some light-hearted relief at the same time. 

Asking your customers and clients to get involved with competitions, either judged by yourselves or as competing against one another is one way to bring entertainment and fun to your audience whilst keeping Brandwynne us and public relations positive between you. Why not come up with a quiz or photography type competition?

Zoom meetings
Even though all of your clients and customers may be in Houston, you might not be allowed to get close at all, so if you have a meeting planned, then why not set up the zoom meetings. Include some unusual backdrops, or something funny to your video as you go along! Showing your entertaining side is a great marketing tool.

Additional Strategies to Consider

Engaging Post
The good old-fashioned post is potentially an entertaining way to stay in touch with your customers. You can send a funny postcard, or even send some treats to boost your brand communication message, and during these difficult times, they will be much appreciated! Even just dropping a note to keep in touch is a lovely thought. 

Email Vouchers
Everybody loves getting a discount code or voucher through the emails, and not only does this encourage sales. It can also help boost your customer’s perception of you and your business. It’s a little bit of hope for the future. It will also help people to realize you are still very much open for business and appreciate their custom. Not only that but it can help those people who are potentially facing financial difficulties, so a good deed too.

Whichever method of communication you choose to keep in touch with your Houston based customers, Try and inject a little humor and light-heartedness into your efforts, as it can really make a difference to how your public relations are perceived. When it comes to public relations strategies Houston, we’re here to help!