Public Relations and Communication – When starting up a business there are many things that you need to consider, from the financial side of things to the operations and everything in between there are plenty of opportunities to make great choices. But when it comes to PR there is a great opportunity to build an in-house PR team. And there are plenty of reasons why this is a great idea. Businesses need an in-house PR team for various reasons, and here are five of them to help you with your decisions for your own business.

Reasons why you need public relations and communication team

Get the message across
Getting the message of your business across is the main point when it comes to public relations. When you hire an outside company to manage the PR side of your business, then you are going to need to communicate that message to the outside company. And unfortunately, with all the best intentions, the communication can end up interrupted or not clear. Your in-house PR team is able to look around, investigate, And communicate effectively your message to your potential customers and clients in a much smoother and clearer way. The story is that your PR team is able to tell to the outside world to always feel that much more effective if you are using an in-house team of people.

Having an in-house PR team means that the people working within your business are able to work with each other in a much more seamless way. This is especially true when everybody is working in the same building. This is where ideas and progress happens and is certainly a good reason to keep your PR teams in house.

When your PR team is looking for information, or to communicate something to the public, being able to communicate with all areas of the business, and people who work within that sphere is priceless. It encourages much clearer messages and always adds to the authenticity.


When you have an in-house PR team you will find there are many more opportunities for good publicity and public relations because your team is keeping an eye out at all times. If you have to gather and communicate this to an outsourced company you may miss some perfect PR material inadvertently. And grabbing every opportunity as it arises is positive for any business.

It isn’t always necessarily cheaper to have an in-house PR team, however, the investment of the team and the people communicating the stories to that team is going to be much more valuable. When you are hiring PR staff, you are going to find they will work on a much more in-depth basis if they are working directly for the business. Many business owners report that they feel their investment in PR is much better placed with an in-house team.

It goes without saying that public relations are able to make or break a business. Getting this right and ensuring that you make the right decision regarding your PR resources is essential and you won’t regret spending time on your research.