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Highlighted Projects


Saudi Aramco, Live Event - International PR Campaign Triumph

Delivering unparalleled success in an international product campaign, I spearheaded a strategic marketing initiative that propelled a client's product into new markets. We witnessed a substantial surge in brand visibility and customer engagement by leveraging innovative marketing strategies, meticulous audience targeting, and engaging content creation.

Funtastik Kids Labs Houston - Local Business Launch & PR Campaign

Partnering with a local business seeking expansion, I orchestrated a comprehensive brand revitalization strategy. We reinvigorated the brand's identity and amplified its local presence through PR consulting, creative marketing approaches, and targeted social media campaigns. Witnessing increased foot traffic, heightened customer engagement, and a surge in brand loyalty, this project underscores my ability to breathe new life into businesses and drive sustainable growth.

The Blessing Legacy - Book Promotion & Author Branding

Collaborating with authors in book promotions, I navigated the intricate landscape of author branding and promotion strategies. By crafting compelling narratives, implementing strategic PR tactics, and leveraging digital platforms, we propelled several book launches to achieve notable success. This project showcases my adeptness in curating impactful storytelling that resonates with diverse audiences, moving authors toward greater visibility and recognition. These highlighted projects testify to my commitment to excellence, innovation, and delivering tangible results. Each endeavor represents a unique journey where I've collaborated with clients to surpass their expectations, elevate their brands, and achieve unprecedented success.

AMW Group - Director of Public Relations & Project Consulting

While at AMW Group, I assumed a pivotal role in public relations and project consulting. In this capacity, I orchestrated media outreach and meticulously coordinated coverage opportunities for a curated selection of clients. With a strategic approach to PR management, I navigated the intricacies of media relations, fostering impactful connections to secure meaningful coverage and elevate brand visibility. This engagement marked a crucial phase where I honed my skills in shaping compelling narratives and harnessing media opportunities to propel clients toward greater recognition and success.

Guapi Clothing - Influencer Marketing Strategist

As the Influencer Marketing Strategist for the burgeoning lifestyle brand Guapi Clothing, I managed the influencer marketing program. This role involved curating and cultivating relationships with various influencers and crafting social media campaigns. Leveraging my expertise, I researched and executed collaborative partnership opportunities, coordinating the shipment of products to ambassadors and overseeing campaigns involving a dynamic roster of 60 creators and influencers. Through strategic management and an understanding of influencer dynamics, I helped to position Guapi as a mainstay among lifestyle clothing brands, fostering brand resonance and engagement within the influencer community while elevating its presence in the market.
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