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Meet Keetria

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Meet Keetria

Keetria Garner-Chambers embodies a wealth of experience and prowess in catapulting products, services, and lifestyle brands into the limelight. With a remarkable track record spanning 16 years in the industry, her journey as the former Director & PR/Public Relations Consultant at AMW Group has been nothing short of transformative.

Bringing her extensive expertise to empower the small business community, Keetria orchestrates strategies that unlock unparalleled exposure, publicity, and customer engagement. Her visionary approaches have steered major events, propelled international product campaigns, elevated book promotions, fueled startup growth, and expanded the horizons of local businesses.

Venturing into print media, Keetria has authored several impactful ebooks dedicated to online marketing and branding. Notable among these are “Building Your Online Presence: A Guide to Do-It-Yourself Marketing” and “Style of Business: Tips & Ideas on Creating an Irresistible Brand.” Her latest publication, “Courage Is a Muscle: Using Heart to Power Your Entrepreneurial Dreams,” is now available on Amazon, poised to inspire and guide aspiring entrepreneurs.

Keetria’s academic prowess shines with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Texas at Arlington. Beyond her professional endeavors, she wears multiple hats as the esteemed host of the SOB: Style of Business The Podcast while pursuing passions as a creative artist, personal trainer, and DJ.

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