Contrary to what the name suggests, guerilla marketing has nothing to do with strife or combat. This form of marketing employs a component of surprise in delivering the message. Guerilla marketing capitalizes on creativity and minimizes the budget. This element makes it highly suited for small business marketing. 

Since guerilla marketing capitalizes on ingenuity and creativity, originality is key. You cannot afford to copy an ad from another brand. Remember such ads go viral, and people already associate them with a certain brand. Attempting a similar concept will be in bad taste. You can look at the established guerilla marketing techniques for inspiration, but you must endeavor to come up with your own original concept. Make use of high-traffic public spaces. Some of the areas that you can explore for your small business marketing include: 

Public Transport 

The interior and exterior of buses and trains provide a vast canvas for guerilla marketing. One of the most memorable ads was executed by a zoo, which had a giant snake woven around a bus, even squashing it. The mere sight made many people cringe, but the fact that it drew their attention points to a mission accomplished. On the inside, you can implement your ideas on the floor or roof. 


Malls provide extensive spaces and attract throngs of people. Take advantage of this audience with peculiar ads that will leave them taking a second look. You can utilize the aerial views to draw attention to your ad. This concept was superbly executed by Frontline, the manufacturers of flea and tick spray for dogs. 

They have the picture of a dog occupying the entire ground floor. From an aerial view, you see what seems like a bunch of pests all over the dog, but those are actually people walking by. The ingenious ad has people stopping to watch every time, and hopefully proceeding to buy the pest spray. 


Most guerilla marketing tactics are executed in the streets. From McDonald’s simulating their pack of fries on a pedestrian crossing, to KitKat making chocolate-like benches, and Coca-Cola designing a bus-stop shelter to resemble a fridge. 

These may be established brands, but you can still pick some small business marketing tips from their campaigns. Consider walls of buildings, walkways, parks, traffic lights, and even garbage bins. Everything has advertising potential in guerilla marketing. The crazier the idea, the higher the chances of capturing attention. 

Do you feel like you’re not creative enough for a guerilla marketing concept? Or you’ve tried but can’t seem to come up with anything concrete? You can consult professional marketers. Being well versed with the most effective marketing trends of 2021, they’ll guide you in creating a truly eye-catching ad. With social media, the moment a fascinating ad pops up, people hit the share button and expose you to a wider audience. Guerilla marketing should be fun without compromising the core function of marketing; reaching out to new potential clients.