Public Relations Strategies – Adapting your PR strategy during the Pandemic is going to be vital because the way in which a lot of businesses operate has either changed or come to a halt, which means that pre-existing campaigns and other PR moves have been unsuccessful or are no longer needed.

That is why it is vital to look at what needs to change and how you can pivot your PR strategy to get the most out of it, especially during these times.

How can you change the narrative? 

This should be your public relations strategies during the pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic has led to heightened worries and fears; not just for businesses but for customers too. That is why companies should be quick to tell their clients that the narrative may change a little but they are still there for their customers and using this information is vital in retaining customers. When the going gets tough, it can bring out the best or worst in brands and that is why it’s important to tell your story, speak of your difficulties, and how you will be turning them into positives. Don’t speak of your struggles too much in order to spark a wave of pity, but rather speak of how you’ll be overcoming them, acting as a beacon of hope for other like-minded businesses. 

Following the news is most definitely important because it allows you to keep up with the trends of the moment and the ways in which other brands are keeping their customers safe and happy; you can utilize this within your social media to start running custom campaigns that allow the customers to have full control; whether that’s a competition led by your customers who take selfies by the hand sanitizer or the coolest mask competition; by keeping things light and fresh you will instill confidence and happiness into your customers which will help retain them. 

Appreciate that there are still a lot of things that need to be improved. Things aren’t perfect and you can’t appear as if they are, even if you are keeping a happy face on. Being aware of the climate and changing things up is going to be of great assistance. When talking to the press, be sure to mention how you are overcoming obstacles in a sustainable way and perhaps how the pandemic has made you rethink how you use your energy or the way in which your products are made. Does your story have a trade angle to it? Industry publications are still prioritizing the pandemic angle, but did your business take off during the pandemic? Did you provide something that nobody could receive before or something that wasn’t as prevalent but now is, including e-commerce?

Take things up a notch – Use your professionals! 

Keeping things creative is the last way in which you can make the most of your PR strategy during this time. Keep things fresh with amazing content and a new eye for all areas of your business which sparks a new interest in what you’re offering and what makes you cutting edge in ways that you didn’t think you knew. The world has turned more to technology than ever before so utilizing this and changing some of your business into a more profitable area could be room for PR. Know that your staff could also provide some excellent sources of information. 

Think about how your staff can add value for media relations at this time and work your media outreach around a new way of leadership. Companies that can offer solutions to current challenges can be really helpful and also show that they are working hard to change the climate of the situation. For example, staff working from home, their health and wellness, managing workforces, and how you handle meetings are probably going to get the media’s attention. Listen to your staff and their insight and also be sure to create the best working atmosphere away from the office because working from home will likely be the new norm for several more months. Many businesses are set to be closed until the end of the year if not beyond and they will have to work out how to adapt to this.

Above all, however, creating compelling, educational content on your website and social channel to inform and keep people in the know. Education is key and will give your customers back some power as well as impress the media. You want people to know that you’re doing things the right way and this is going to be the best way to up your PR strategy.