Sponsorship Proposal Writing – A lot hangs in the balance when you are writing a sponsorship proposal. You need to attract sponsors for your event or organization, and all you have to attract them is this proposal. Breaking the process down into smaller, manageable steps can help you nail it the first time and get the sponsorship you need!

Professional Header

Failing to include a professional header on your sponsorship proposal letter gives off the impression that you are sloppy and unprofessional. You should include your organization’s letterhead or other identification, logo, name and address, and date in the header. You want the person reading this letter to know at first glance who you are without having to read anything else. You should also avoid phrases like, “To whom it may concern” and instead opt for addressing the letter specifically to the person at the organization that will be reading it.


Once you have that step completed, you need to further identify yourself to the potential sponsor. You should describe yourself and your organization. It should not be long, but should still convey the mission of your organization and why you need support. Details of an event you are planning should be included if applicable.

Partnering Benefits

The next section of your letter should inform the potential sponsor of the benefits they will receive by partnering with you. They are focused on what they will gain from supporting you, not what you will gain, so make it clear. Things like positive attention and marketing can be a big selling point.

Call to Action

The last paragraph of your letter should call them to some kind of action. You should provide them with additional materials to further explain the proposal and encourage them to read over it. A sponsorship proposal writing package should accompany the letter.

Sponsorship Proposal

An introduction letter is just the beginning. It is what grabs their attention and pulls them into where the bulk of the information is going to be: the sponsorship proposal. This package should contain a lot more information that they will need to make an informed decision. While it is possible, they could reach out to you with any questions, and it is more likely that if they do not have enough information, they will simply pass on the opportunity.

Be sure that you have outlined the sponsorship levels and a sponsorship pledge form to make it easy for them to make a decision and respond. You may also want to create and include a fact sheet so they can see the entire plan at a glance before they read more.

Sign the Letter

Once you have gathered and created all the necessary documents, be sure that you take the time to sign the letter. Signing adds personalization, attention to detail, and a human touch that can make all the difference.

Sponsorship Proposal Writer

If you want to put your proposal over the top, you may want to consider hiring a sponsorship proposal writer in your local area to help you. Finding someone with the experience to communicate your ideas and what you bring to the table succinctly and efficiently can make all the difference.