Crafting an effective publicity campaign that will create brand exposure and garner media attention needs careful consideration. Before planning a publicity campaign, marketing teams should survey a company’s product or service to determine how to best highlight the offering. Knowing the product inside and out gives you leverage when telling others about it. Planning a publicity campaign will typically involve pinpointing areas of focus for effective storytelling and brand messaging, compelling copy for pitching the media & reaching the intended audience, and a call to action.

Are you prioritizing getting media attention/local news coverage or potential customers to your website? Or maybe it’s both? With this information in hand, you can focus on driving the conversation of the publicity campaign to get the results you want. Below is a list of areas to consider when planning your next campaign.

Publicity Campaign Planning


Knowing your Product

Before rolling out any type of marketing campaign make sure you know your product! This should go beyond the general specifications of color options and different models types. People need to know standard information, especially for new products and services. Things like: How does it work? What does it cost? What are the primary benefits? This information should be second nature to the representative who is on the front lines of sharing product details with the media and consumer. Be prepared to answer questions to help people better understand why they should consider your product.

Crafting the Conversation

When it comes to the right conversation be sure to decide on what you want people to know. Maybe your publicity campaign is centered around a new functionality for your app. Highlight 3-4 core messaging themes that evolve around why this new functionality is so great. This can be done by writing our short sentences about the new app. Tell your audience why people need to ditch the old version of the app and upgrade to the new one. Crating the conversation of your publicity campaign will help you stick to the script. When you know your exact focal points you’re more likely to get the type of coverage or consumer audience response you’re looking for.

Reaching your Audience

One of the last steps of creating your publicity campaign will be making decisions on how to best reach your intended audience. Thanks to social media we now have access to large demographics of people who just may be in the market for your products. Aside from social media, try pitching your press release to local media outlets and journalists who cover the type of product you offer. 

In Summary

The most effective publicity campaigns follow a thorough process of preparation and planning to ensure success. Whether you’re announcing the launch of a new product or letting the world know how great your services are, consider the impact you want the publicity campaign to have on the audience.

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