Sponsorship Proposal Writing Houston – If you want to secure an excellent sponsor for your brand it’s worthwhile doing a bit of groundwork first on your sponsorship proposal. It can be a waste of time to contact potential sponsors who do not connect with your target market or don’t align with your values. A little bit of research can go a long way and increase your chances of landing that brilliant sponsor. Follow these steps and improve your chances of success. 

Create a Wishlist 

There’s no point in sending out proposals to potential sponsors who will not gain any value from your industry. The sponsors that are most likely to engage with your sponsorship proposal are those who are relevant in some way to your product and/or target audience. The starting point then for achieving successful sponsorship is to brainstorm. 

Consider the product or service you offer and what value it could bring to a potential sponsor. For instance, if you own a bakery with a strong local customer base, it might be of interest to other local businesses, but perhaps not a national company that wouldn’t gain much extra revenue from business in your area. Look at your competitors, what kind of companies are sponsoring them. 

Do Your Research

Researching potential sponsors is an important next step in securing their services. Your sponsorship proposal writing needs to show you know who they are and how sponsoring your company can benefit them. A good understanding of the sponsor can be invaluable in the proposal, and the more you know the better chance of success you have. 

Go through their company website in detail and make notes of any areas where your company could add value. Don’t forget to learn a bit about their history as well. Many companies will also have other brands in their group, be sure to cover these as well. Connect with the potential sponsor on LinkedIn. This will give you better access to the company and may provide information on who you can pitch to.

Compatibility Check 

Sponsorship Proposal Writing Houston – At this point, you should have narrowed down your list of potential sponsors to only those who align with your product, service, or target market. It should be clear what opportunities are not worth pursuing perhaps because of an incompatible target audience, lack of support for your industry, saturation of the market, or financial pressure. This is good news. The narrower and more targeted you can make your shortlist the better chance you have of securing an excellent sponsor. 

The next step is to check your compatibility with your target sponsor. The research stage incorporated some elements of compatibility but it was more about the numbers and narrowing down your list. It’s now time to narrow it further using the factor of relevance. You want to check any existing relationship with the company, make sure your values align and ensure they don’t sponsor the competition. This doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker but it can be significant. Use a compatibility matrix to process this more quickly. 


Finally, you are ready to contact the potential sponsor and pitch to them. Having done the hard work you will know how their company operates and what value you can bring to them. Your pitch should be aimed at partnership and benefiting mutually from working together. It can be a good idea to send an initial email to the correct person, requesting their attention.

We hope the tips in this article have been helpful. We’re also available to discuss your sponsorship proposal development needs in further detail. Request more information here.