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The Foster Project is a phenomenal foundation focused on improving the foster care system and making the transition from foster care to adulthood a seamless process for the many thousands of youth who age out each year. With upcoming events on the horizon to raise awareness for their initiatives, we created the perfect sponsorship proposals for their concert series and music festival.

Objective:  Create and develop attractive sponsorship proposals that highlight the client’s mission, assets, and overall sponsor partner benefits.

Services: Consulting | Project Research | Sponsorship Proposal Writing & Development

Results: Professionally designed sponsor presentation with a custom layout 


Funtastik Labs: Based in Katy, Texas Funtastik Labs is a kids entertainment space packed with fun hands-on experiments, art projects and engineering and robotics challenges. After opening its doors in January 2019, Funtastik Labs wanted to get the word out about the after school classes and camps. 

Objective: Create awareness surrounding the launch of Funtastik Lab’s new enrichment programs, summer and afternoon camps through marketing events and general publicity.

Services: Press Release | Publicity Strategy | Event Management & Marketing | Media Outreach Campaign

Results: Local media coverage | Increase in registrations


Marcus Culvert Racing is on a mission to raise awareness for its non-profit counterpart iUnity Foundation while setting a World Record in the process. In doing so, they wanted to create opportunities for companies and brands to get involved through sponsorship.

Objective: Create and develop a sponsorship proposal along with a list of prospective sponsors that aligns with the objectives of the client’s non-profit organization.

Services: Consulting | Project research | Sponsorship Proposal Writing & Development  | Prospective Sponsor Research

Results: Professionally designed sponsor deck | Increased interest from potential sponsor partners



The Blessing Legacy
is a heart-felt novel that has touched the heart of the reader since its initial release in 2012. Odile Koudou, the author has received countless awards and recognition for this inspirational work and was looking to implement a publicity strategy that would further highlight the book’s narrative.

Objective: Develop a publicity campaign to increase product visibility and interest from targeted media and select book clubs.

Services: Press Release | Publicity Strategy | Media Outreach

Results: International media coverage | Book club submission requests


Black Nation Management is all about making sure their artists have everything they need to be successful both in and out of the recording studio. We had the opportunity to work with the Denver-based outfit to launch music and visuals from Reve Kalell’s debut album “Genesis.”

Objective: Create publicity plan and pre-album buzz to help client promote new visuals and music for debut project release.

Services: Press Content | Publicity Strategy Development | Media Outreach

Results: Media coverage & online reviews for new album | Increase in social media engagement (likes, retweets & shares)