Style of Business Refund Policy (DIY Program only)


You deserve nothing less than the absolute best — this is something I want to instill in all of the individuals I work with.

If you aren’t happy with any part of our DIY (do-it-yourself) programs, tell me! Address your complaints within 15 days and you’ll receive a refund. No hassle, no invasive questions — it’s as simple as that.

The Style of Business DIY Programs were created to help entrepreneurs brand and promote their businesses in the best way possible. They aren’t “get rich quick” programs that are only there to make me money — in fact, I want you to MAKE money! These programs are investments that require both my expertise and your commitment to hard work if you want to find the best results possible.

Because of this, please note that my methods and advice will ONLY work if you’re committed to listening and executing these ideas to the best of your ability. Don’t expect to receive my SOB materials and that they’ll do all the work for you. I’ve given you the tools, but you have to work to build your brand!

Any products, DIY programs and other content pieces associated with my brand have been created with value in mind, and I share them with you — whether free of charge or with a fee involved — in order to help you build your professional career.

However, I cannot guarantee things that I have no control over. Your abilities are also a key piece to the puzzle. How you implement these abilities and the other ideas that are involved with your existing brand or business may also contribute to your overall success or speed bumps.

I suggest purchasing packages that include personal consulting sessions so that I can get to know you and your business a little better, but even then I’m not a part of your business. You know more than I do when it comes to your visions and pre-established plans!

My materials and consulting sessions can help you find the tools you need to find branding success. From strategies to personal branding advice, I guarantee you’ll be satisfied by my insight and professional expertise in these areas.

Again, if you aren’t satisfied within 15 days of purchasing my DIY program, you will receive a refund. What do you have to do to get this refund? Just ask!

My programs have been created with entrepreneurial education in mind. They exist to provide entrepreneurs with education and information on branding, press, promotion and other related topics. I cannot guarantee or offer you help with other areas of your business, like tax information or legal advice. If any of my materials discuss finances, it is within the context of illustration and example — these are NOT fiscal guarantees.

Finally, know that my advice is just that — advice. I have a lot of experience and insight, but even I’m not infallible. You have chosen to take my advice and to use these materials to help better your business and your career path, which means you alone are accountable for the decisions you make based on this information.

Why am I telling you all this. It’s important to me that I be transparent with you, and I hold my brand and business acumen to a very high standard. Similarly, I also hold you, my clients, to an equally high standard!

Devoting yourself to understanding these materials, as well as utilizing all of these materials to the best of your ability, is how you’ll be likely to find branding and business success!